Welcome to Patti’s Catholic Corner!

Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of me stretching out of my comfort zone.  I hope I don’t break something!  Starting this blog is not easy, but I’m doing it.

Maybe it’s because January 2014 marks ten years of working in full-time ministry.  Maybe it’s because I’m tired of reinventing the wheel and watching others do it too.  Maybe it’s because I need a way to force myself to step back and look at the big picture.  I get bogged down by the daily tasks of life so easily!  Maybe it’s because I want what I do and the experiences I’ve had to impact more people’s lives.  Whatever the reason, I feel God has led me to start this blog as a way to add my grain of sand to build up the Kingdom of God.

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After much discernment, here are some of the goals for this blog:

  • Go Deeper – I feel challenged to take my own faith life to a deeper level.  I hope taking the time to write about what God is doing in my life and in my ministry will help me to do that. 
  • Inspire Others – I hope that God will use my own experiences (both good and bad) to inspire others to grow in their own walk with the Lord.  I am in love with my Catholic faith,  I want to share the riches that our tradition has to offer with my generation.  I know that living a counter-cultural lifestyle and following the teachings of the Catholic Church is not easy or popular, but it is well worth it. 
  • Redeem Sexuality – One of the most widely misunderstood areas of Church teaching is sexuality.  I wish to reveal the true purpose of our God-given gift of sexuality.  I will delve into the reasons behind what the Church teaches in these areas.
  • Share Resources – In ministry we often work in silos.  I strive to create collaboration whenever possible.  I hope this blog can be a platform for other ministers to connect and share resources.  I will share materials I have developed to use in my ministry.  I will share experiences – what worked and what didn’t work.  I hope others will join in and do the same.  Guest posts are more than welcome! 
  • Provide Updates of our Family Life – Our friends and family are spread out all over the country and the world.  One reality of both my husband and I working in full-time ministry means we have a limited budget to be able to travel to visit.  It also means we also have limited time to be able to stay in touch like we wish we could.  I hope this blog can be a place people can come to check in with our family to see what we’re up to and reconnect with us.
  • Build Community – This is not a one-way conversation.  I really hope readers will not only subscribe, but also join in on the conversation!  

Please take a moment to let me know you’re here, what you like or don’t like, what you agree or disagree with, questions or suggestions that you have, etc. 

Please help spread the word! 🙂