In September 2017 our family traveled to Chris’ home town to visit his family and celebrate his ordination with his extended family and childhood friends .  It was an incredible trip!  We also had the blessing of friends joining us for the trip newly ordained deacons Roberto Cruz and Ken Bennett and his wife Helen.  We went during the annual feast day celebrations in honor of St. Michael on Sept. 29th in Yahualica, Jalisco.  So the entire week before is filled with processions, special masses, music, street vendors, fireworks, etc.  So the kids had an awesome time too!  All but one of Chris’ uncles came down from California and his aunt and grandfather came in from Mexico City.  They all got together, killed a cow and prepared a giant feast on the farm where they and Chris grew up – Pastores, Jalisco right outside of Yahualica.  On Sept. 29th there is a procession of “Hijos Ausentes” all those who grew up in that area but now live in other places.  The procession accompanies the St. Michael statue down to the main church for Mass where Chris got to serve as a Deacon.  It’s the same church where he started serving daily mass at 6 years old.  Then on Sept. 30th Pastores always has their annual fundraising feast to raise money for the chapel they are building.  Chris got to serve as Deacon at Mass with his cousin Fr. Brigido.  After Mass Chris got to baptize his little brother too!

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