No more excuses.  Today I am committing myself to ship.  No matter what.

And Seth Godin fans out there?  In his manifesto, “Brainwashed” he lays out a vision of how to be successful in today’s reality.  He explains that we have a part of our brain that wants to run and hide; he calls it our lizard brain.  He says, “The lizard brain doesn’t like to be laughed at.”  But the key to standing out and being successful is to stand up to that lizard brain and ship your art, whatever that might be.  “Shipping is difficult because of the lizard brain.  The resistance doesn’t want you to ship, because if you ship, you might fail.  If you ship, we might laugh at you.”  He goes on to say, “A key part of shipping is the ability to fail.”  And of course learn from that failure and keep improving.Lizard

Today I’m standing up to my lizard brain.  Every time I sit down to start a blog post my lizard brain thinks of all the reasons it’s not good enough, all the things I should perfect before I publish and all the reasons readers won’t like it.  Enough!

No post is going to say all that I want to say.  No post is going to be perfect.  Every time I publish I will find a typo, think of something else I should have added or come up with a better way to illustrate my point.  And that’s ok.  Perfect or not, I will post.

This blog is a way for me to improve and grow and share my journey with others.  So here we go.  Come along with me for the ride.  But please extend me some grace as I ship, fail, learn and then do it all over again.

Want to join in the conversation?  What is your art?  How could standing up to your own lizard brain help you move forward toward success?  Share with the rest of us!

Please help spread the word! 🙂