The Gutiérrez Family Christmas 2017 Update

2017 has been a year of transitions! We moved to Owensboro and sold our house in Sebree. Patti has decided to transition out of ministry at St. Michael’s after 10 years to be home more on nights and weekends. We’re all excited to see what God has planned for her next endeavor. But the biggest news is that Chris was ordained a permanent deacon in September. It was a long, 5-year process of formation that blessed our family in many ways. The ordination was a beautiful, Spirit-filled event.  We celebrated with friends and family here and then all five of us went to Mexico to celebrate with Chris’ friends and family where he grew up on the farm. Chris is assigned as a deacon to St. Michael’s in Sebree so that will continue to be our home parish even after Patti changes positions.

The kids are all doing well. Gabriel is 8, in 3rd grade and is enjoying living in Owensboro so he can hang out with his friends from school more and start sports. He played baseball in the Spring which he loved and is about to start basketball. He continues to develop his mind for building and design with Minecraft & Legos and anything engineering related. Isaac is four and at daycare looking forward to starting school in the Fall. He absolutely loves making puzzles, has recently started wanting to paint all the time and is an expert dodgeball player. The boys are always wrestling and egging each other on, but people tell us that’s normal. 🙂 Isabel is a year and 8 months and her little personality is blooming. She is becoming more and more verbal and makes it very clear what she does and doesn’t want, which is exciting and frustrating at the same time. She has spent the year in different therapies for developmental delays most likely stemming from her hearing impairment, but she’s doing much better at keeping her hearing aids in and is just about caught up to her age. She spends her days running around and playing with her buddy at the sitter.

We pray that these Advent and Christmas seasons can be a time filled with blessings for each of you.  May you feel the presence of Jesus as we remember his birth and eagerly await his return.  May we each remember the loving Father that Jesus revealed to us who is always running towards us with his arms open rejoicing in our return.  May the Holy Spirit fill our hearts and guide us to God’s perfect will.  Please continue to pray for our family as we pray for all of you.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Please help spread the word! 🙂